CoCoichi Kid’s Club Explanation

Torrance ONLY

Your children are an important part of our CoCo Ichibanya family, and we want to let them know that. If you are visiting our Torrance location, please be sure to ask your server to help your children (12 years or younger) to join our CoCo Ichi Kid’s Club! When they sign up, they will be given a neck wallet that they can bring in each visit to hold their CoCo Dollars. Your child can earn these CoCo dollars by ordering a meal (Kid’s meal or regular curry dish), which can be saved up to trade in for fun CoCo Ichibanya prizes.



Extra CoCo Dollars can be earned by visiting on special days. These special days can be found listed in our Torrance location in the CoCo Ichi Kid’s Club corner.  Please note that if your child loses their neck wallet for the first time, they will be given a new neck wallet for free. Any losses after that will require the purchase of a kid’s meal or regular curry dish for a new neck wallet. If your nearest location is not our Torrance store, please check our newsletter to find out when the CoCo Ichi Kid’s Club will be available at our other locations! If you would like further details, please visit our Torrance Facebook page at INSERT FACEBOOK LINK. Thank you for your patience as we do our best to bring the CoCo Ichi Kid’s Club to all of the children in our CoCo Ichibanya family!

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