Everyone’s a Winner! CoCo ICHIBANYA FUKUBUKURO (Lucky Bag)

Limited Offer! Sold for $20.19! $40 Value!

Brentwood, koreatown, and Torrance (Not Irvine)

As the year 2018 comes to an end, we at CoCo Ichibanya want to send you into the new year with good luck. For a limited time offer until all quantities are sold out, CoCo Ichibanya Brentwood, Koreatown, and Torrance (Not Irvine) will be selling Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) for $20.19. Customers will receive a bag worth up to a $40 value!

Each bag will contain one CoCo Ichibanya spoon, a coupon for 1 free regular sized curry with 1 topping (not available for same-day use) and either a CoCo Ichibanya T-Shirt of your preferred color and size or 2 CoCo Ichibanya mugs with your choice of color! When you purchase your Fukubukuro, a CoCo Ichibanya employee will lift up the bag and let you know whether you won a shirt or 2 mugs!

Our Brentwood location will have a quantity of 20 Fukubukuro available for customers, Koreatown will have a quantity of 30 Fukubukuro available for customers, and Torrance will have a quantity of 50 Fukubukuro available for customers. Starting December 14th, 2018, visit one of these three locations to claim your Lucky Bag and start 2019 with good luck from CoCo Ichibanya!
*Lucky Bags will only be available in-stores and ordered in-person. Customers cannot reserve these through to-go orders over the phone or online.

Satoshi Kume