Company Philosophy


Ichibanya’s corporate mind is formed from three elements:
“Company motto”, “mission”, and “business objective”.
When expressed in words, it seems imposing, but let’s imagine a single tree.
The “roots” that spread firmly in the ground and that support the entire tree correspond to the “Company motto.”
The sources of all of our actions are norms.
The rapidly growing “trunk” is the “mission.”
By putting this into practice each day, we aim to become a bigger, more steadfast entity.
Finally, the “branches” that grow luxuriantly into the sky with lush green leaves are the “business objective.”
Attainment is the sought-after goal.
Ichibanya wants to be a single tree that each of you feels comfortable with.

Company motto:
“Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile”
Always moving briskly and responding sharply, and doing so with a smiling face. In abbreviated form, we get the expression “Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile.” It’s a plain and simple expression, but always acting and behaving ” Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile ” is not that easy to do. Having a feeling of gratitude, looking eagerly ahead, putting forth one’s best effort – if these behaviors are not solidly acquired, we cannot always think from the other person’s perspective, nor can we provide customers with refreshing service. Thus, Ichibanya will continue to be conscientious about taking action ” Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile.”

“Continue to impress people through our operations, and have a presence that is regarded as necessary for the regional society.”
We wish to satisfy all customers, make people happy, and impress them favorably. Thinking in this manner, Ichibanya not only develops a menu system that meets diverse needs but provides painstaking customer service and thorough cleaning in the vicinity of its restaurants. The company certainly will not compromise its principles. That is because “impressing people” is not the result of “acting as expected.” Such an impression is only created when the expected level of behavior is surpassed. Our supreme challenge is to polish our “hospitality,” which is the essence of the restaurant industry. This does not mean simply taking the low-price route. It means raising our quality, service, cleanliness, atmosphere, and reliability to a level that is higher than is expected. In this way, we hope to improve our value to our customers and therefore to society.

Business objective:
“Share happiness with all people who are connected with our company”
We live each day in connection with a wide variety of people. We strive to treat all of those people with fairness at all times, and to provide them with satisfaction by thinking from their perspective when taking actions. From this point on as well, we hope to improve our “humanity” by being able to share the happiness of those people who surround us, and by elevating hospitality to a position in our corporate culture. By working energetically, freely, and excitedly, we aspire to impress and inspire people, and to enable each person to identify with and share those feelings.

Corporate Behavior Charter:
In order to carry out our mission and achieve our business objective, we will not only adhere to legal and social norms but will actively engage in constructive communication with stakeholders who are associated with our company. We will also uphold the following as our code of conduct.

We will put our company motto into practice, and adhere to a customer-first principle.
When offering products and services, we will give priority to safety and properly display their contents.
We will share our philosophy with franchise member restaurants as those who operate restaurants in our chain, will value relationships of mutual trust with them, and will pursue Win-Win relationships.
We will be fair and sincere in all transactions, and will do away with unjust actions.
We will disclose corporate information appropriately as needed and carry out our operations with a high degree of transparency. At the same time, we will carefully control internal information in order to prevent insider transactions and the leakage of private information.
We will actively implement environmental measures to minimize loads on the environment that are generated in the course of our company’s business activities.
We will actively engage in activities that contribute to the regional society by utilizing the functions in our company’s possession.
In business activities conducted overseas, we will respect the local culture and customs, and will conduct business that contributes to local development.
We will create a work environment that is safe and comfortable for our employees. We will support the development of their abilities, treat employees fairly, properly, and without discrimination, and strive to create a workplace that is a source of pride and meaningfulness.
Through the aforementioned actions, we will promote the formation of a corporate brand that is highly regarded in our society, strive for improved corporate value that is stable and sustainable, and actively return our profits to our stockholders.

Established January 1, 2005